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"Mali" Gourd Art Bracelet

"Mali" Gourd Art Bracelet

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This warty gourd bracelet mimics gold nuggets. It adds an attractive focal point to the wrist when worn.


Materials: Gourd, metal leaf, and water-based sealant


Size: 7-3/4L x 1-3/4W x 1/2D inches

Care Instructions

As with other types of jewelry, remove your gourd jewelry before doing household chores. Do not expose to harsh chemicals or wear when putting on beauty products such as lotion, perfume, or hair gel.

If your jewelry becomes soiled, use a soft cloth dampened slightly with water to clean it. Then, gently dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not use heat or soak your gourd jewelry in water or chemicals, including steamers and ultrasonic cleaners.

After wearing your gourd jewelry, gently wipe off any lotion or oil residue with a soft dry cloth. Then, store it in an individual cloth pouch or cloth-lined box to avoid scratches.

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