More About My Art

"I create art that feeds your soul so you can realize your worth and live fully knowing you are loved and valued."

- Sala Faruq, Owner & Artist -

  • "Sala’s jewelry is fabulous, unique
    and eco-friendly. I always get compliments
    when I wear her creations."
    Candelaria S.

  • "A few of the most noted early African American pioneers are eloquently brought to the present on banners designed by Ms. Sala Faruq."
    Ron R.

  • "We are beginning to see the richness of our culture through the efforts of companies such as Afro-Originals®."
    Ray Mapp, President of Purpose Publishing

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Original Art

You get exclusive collections you won't find anywhere else.

Preserving Tradition

I help preserve an ancient African tradition of gourd crafting with my handcrafted gourd art jewelry. 

Sustainability Pledge

Committed to reducing my environmental impact, I work with eco-friendly materials and suppliers dedicated to sustainability.

A living room setting with a sofa and three pillows. A black pendant light hangs from the ceiling. Three environmental justice posters are hung on the wall above the sofa. The poster focus on air, water and land pollution.
Three-notecard set featuring vintage images of African women from the 1800s.

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Love You Black!

  • Sala Faruq owner and artist of Afro-Originals®

    Artist, Crafter, Designer, & Artpreneur